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Our Process

The way we operate is firstly doing an internal network sniff to ascertains those services that should not be there in the first place and after that suggest hardening changes to be applied. Secondly we can do a penetration test from the outside to assess any problems arising from the internet side (WAN) to the internal network.

“S&R TECHNOLOGIES has a solid knowledge and understanding of how network traffic and operating systems work. It is a bit like the Locksmith scenario, once someone knows how the pieces of metal interact inside a lock, then the sky is the limit.”

We produce detailed reports to further discuss with a potential customer and advice accordingly. In particular with cloud services where sometimes servers or applications are running in a multi tenancy environment, not only delay by kernel leakage may occur.

SR Technologies Network Security

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Content Management

Specify what content can be displayed per category. Create advance filters such as website filters, block pages, determine safe domans.

Data Analytics

Provide Daily to montly reports on traffic broken down into small categorys. Traffic tracking analysis and provide detail reports on network data

Community Management

large community of like minded security analysis’s, providing up to date security information, database revisions and suggesting features to provide further security

Human Resources

Besides our community we can support our customers with further support to give a better experience and confidence

Event Planning

Webinars focusing on the latest security trends, concerns and upcoming features. Group certifications on product knowledge and labs

Ticketing System

Our team have a Ticket system you can submit that will provide you with an expert to assist in any queries you have

"Many misconceptions exist, like :” I have anti virus” or “ I have a firewall”. Well, it is not as simple as those statements, nowadays or always."

– S & R Technologies

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