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S&R TECHNOLOGIES, IT Support in Miranda, provides ample support for information systems in a small to medium size environment. From the connection to the internet (NBN) to the internal network and equipment you may need or currently deployed in your premises.

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Gaming / Desktop

Tell us what you’re after and we’ll take care of the rest. We do gaming setups, custom PC setups and Office builds. We look at individual components rather than a complete package.

IT Consultant

We’ll analyse your existing system based on an IT audit, ask you questions based on your workflow and what are your technological demands. Provide you with various solutions/models that would best fit your business needs.

Data Backup

Every business needs a reliable and super fast backup and recovery system wether its online or offline. We’ll analyse your system, processes and find the best solutions for your needs. 

Network Design

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your requirements, mixed technologies available for your workflow, how the system will come together, any adjustments that are required and provide quotes

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Cloud Services

With most businesses opting for cloud providers, Google, Office 365 and more for their email, online documents and other account services it can be overwhelming. We can help; get what you really need…

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Cyber Security

Costing busineses hundreds to thousands per year, Cyber Security is demanding. Our team will audit your current setup to find vulnerabilities and provide a report to recommend solutions for your environment.

We eliminate inconsistency and create efficiency, so you can focus on your business

- S&R Technologies
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Device Repair & Troubleshooting

With our 6 step process, we make it easy for you, by ensuring you’re understood by understanding what you’re after.

1. initial

We’ll analyse your existing system based on an IT audit, ask you questions based on your workflow and what technological demands

2. Process

Once we’ve gathered data on what your system demands for your workflow, we’ll start to develop a report and suggest different options

3. Concept Design

We’ll sit down with you to discuss the options avaiable, how the system will come togather, any adjustments that are required and provide quotes

4. System Build

Begin to build the network layout and organize devices. Setup any devices and configure how the network sytem will operate

5. Finialize Build

We’ll go over the installaion progress with you, show you how the newly implemtned system works and go over any questions you may have

6. Routine Maintenance

Just like all our clients we’ll provide routine maintenance such as remotely and onsite. We can come monthly basis to checking weekly remotely to ensure all is working well

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Network & Connectivity

Speed and duplex, small or big; security and efficiency is essential

Our Partners

Quality over Quantity. We partner with the best suppliers of Networking and security tools at affordable prices without compromising on quality and reliability.

Speed and Duplex

When operating in a WIFI network, you’ll be under half-duplex, essentially half the speed of a typical full duplex cable network system. To combat this, using a mix of technologies can assist in load balancing. Just imagine backing up terabytes of data over a WIFI network…

Beyond IT Support and Security

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There are multiple platforms to build on. We use wooCommerce as its customisation, wide range of plugins and support offer individuals the affordability and uniqueness to stand out.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), when certain keywords are typed in google ie, IT Support Miranda, your website if correctly setup would appear in the top ranks of search results.

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Web Design

We cater for Web Design projects to suite your business, using WordPress, wooCommerce and other platforms to customise solutions to your needs.

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