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"If the product simply doesn’t deliver as it meant to or does not exceed industry standards, we don’t use it" - SR Technoldogies
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The most valuable assest to any business is efficiency.

In order to achieve efficiency, we believe ones business must have a dedicated professional ICT services to maintain their system and facilitate migration to modern technological advancements.

Why SR Technologies?

We like to visualize the mechanics of your business and your daily routine to better understand what your requirments are, rather than assume what you really need and spending on extras you’ll never use costing your time.

Network Security

“How safe are you?”

Today, every second that goes by, a new vulnerability has been released; tomorrow, faster than you can blink. To make the process easier and guarantee security, we’ve partnered with Fortinet and Symantec to make sure you can focus on growing your business, rather worrying about the next big threat.

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ICT Auditing 

“visualization and interaction”

Every business IT system are not the same, some are tailored, some have custom design software, others run either Mac, Linux or Windows environments or just a combination. Regardless of the environment; auditing IT in a business should be transparent; not black and white, thus we want to help you achieve maximum efficiency by,

– Stress test your system to find weak points
– Maintenance of your current system, increase efficiency
– Visualize your system and adapt to your daily needs

Cloud Solutions

“For when you’re on the go”

Today we live in a digital world beyond anyone’s imagination, with cloud technology ever growing and becoming the central hub for information and data storage, more businesses making the transition; what’s stopping you? Let us assist you into taking your business to the next level by,

– Secure Cloud Storage
– Endless mobility
– Take your work where every you go, on any platform


Network Solutions

“We make interconnectivity easy”

Networks today consists of 2 forms, Wired and Wireless. Wired being the fastest and most secure leaves mobility out as an option whereas; wireless doesn’t. With more mobile solutions rising its important to have a fast-secure system to tackle your everyday demanding tasks. In order to make sure you are getting the best performance we’d like to,

– Audit your Network
– Design, building and maintain your infrastructure
– Performance/Stress testing

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Website Design

“Simple, yet so powerful”

The digital age is here already, some calling it the greatest era with social networks being developed for businesses and personal branding leading towards transitioning from traditional marketing mediums to new digital marketing platforms, in return changing how users interact; without websites, what can you build?

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VoIP Phone

VoIP Systems

“Go beyond traditional lines”

Most businesses today utilize VoIP systems, rather than the traditional copper landline which is very limited. This is because VoIP works a little differently then landlines, it uses the Internet for its communication allowing for greater usability and other benefits such as,

– Complete mobility, either on your phone or desktop
– Adapt to your business environment, connections, phones and bandwidth
– Clear and crisp sound quality, easy to use.

VPN & Streaming

“why pay for cable tv?”

Do you really enjoy being stuck to a time schedule of content you don’t even like or having to wait for your favorite TV show? Most would answer no.. Let me give you my solution; a VPN. with a VPN you can do a lot more such as,
– Access content from just about all over the word
– Watch what you want at any time, on any device
– Word wide selection of media, from Netflix to BBC.

Streaming SR Technologies

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About Us

Being an small Australian business providing professional tailored solutions for over 20 years in the IT industry, we know that technology is evolving faster than you can blink, more technology advancements are arising and being supplied to businesses and consumers. While this is great, as newer technology creates better performance and efficiency, it can sometimes lead to unforeseen vulnerabilities for your business which could cost you both, financially and credibility. At S&R Technologies, we like to research the mechanics behind the products, share our views and try it before we recommend them to our clients. If the product simply doesn’t deliver as it meant to or does not exceed industry standards, we don’t use it..

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What warranty do you offer on your products and services?

All products supplied by us come with standard 1-year manufacture warranty’s unless specified. As for our services, if an error were to occur due to user input, fee’s may apply.

What platforms/tools do you use to design websites?

We use industry standard platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and others.

How do you provide training/remote support?

We use remote software where we can share the inputs with you individually or as a group. We also offer onsite, whether its grouped or individual. If you want more information regarding our training packages, contact us.

which IT platforms do you provide dedicated/remote support?

Our team specializes mainly within the Microsoft ecosystem, however we do support MAC and Android environments. Our services also cover cloud based solutions, for further info, contact us

What is a transparent proxy and how does it impact VPN geo blocking?

Transparent proxy or inline proxy is a server that’s between you and the internet which redirects your request’s and responses without manipulating data. Geo blockers can see the location of these servers hence, block you accessing overseas content.